Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What is Historical Costuming?

A historical costume is a garment inspired by a certain time period or year.With historical costumes you have two options…… 

Historically Accurate: This means that the costume is historically accurate. So, for example, the fabrics have been carefully researched, the seam placement and styles of stitching have been done in the style of the time period you choose. Buttons have been chosen with special attention to detail and trims and decorations have been made to look authentic to the period. This type is generally costly to re-create.
Historically Inspired:  This means that the costume was inspired by historical styles. The fabrics in this style of costume will look like something from that time period, but may be a newer type of fabric. Zippers might be used for fasteners and fancy eyelets and historical laces might be eliminated. These costumes are generally less expensive and still look like a historical costume, but are not historically accurate in every detail.

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